Owning a home has been seen as the most significant life achievement for decades, but things may be changing.

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10 Skills You Need to Live a Happy Life.

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Elon Musk, the art of failing successfully.

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The smallest changes can make the biggest impact

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Writers need to be able to get away from modern distractions, this allows the mind to do what it does best

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You’ll find it easier to find happiness each day if you surround yourself with inspiration and positivity

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Be specific and define your success

First, you get to decide what success looks like for yourself. You can decide what happiness looks and feels like. Your definition of happiness might be different than what your parents or colleagues want, or even what you desired when you were younger.

There is a formula to creating viral content, just like everything else in the universe

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Identify your Audience Before you Start

This simple rule will help you get started: Prior to choosing a topic, identify at least five places where you can share it…

Let’s face it, writing is not enough. You need to know what you want to say

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Write about quotes

Quotes can be a great way to generate new ideas. The entire article can be built on just quotes. You can be as creative as you like and take it in any direction that you wish.

We can all benefit by publishing across a variety of publications and platforms to gain more exposure, whilst getting paid at the same time

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Business Insider

This website is about technology, business, and financial news. Their commissioning editor is seeking story pitches about “finance — what’s happening at hedge funds, private capital, and the big banks?”

Brooklyn Based

This email guide is run by women and covers culture, events and food in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Their Twitter account is open for inquiries about “pitches on…

It’s not impossible to make money on this platform

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Never rush the title

Many writers pay more attention to the content of the story than the title. The title alone will not be enough to convince readers to read the story, so the content must be compelling and well-written. This is the most important ingredient to make sure you earn enough money, no matter how informative your piece may be.

Provide good information, not generic content

Your articles should be well-written and provide good information. Make sure…

Adam Pearson

Freelance writer and game developer on Unity and Roblox.

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